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Here are ten reminders for those who preach and teach the Word of God … as confirmed by some of history’s greatest preachers.

Here is the link to read this one:

Preachers on Preaching With Great Quotes

Guest Post: : “Why read the Bible?”

“I am convinced that what the body of Christ needs to do is stop looking to pastor so and so to speak a word to them, but look to the Bible to see what God’s already said to them.”

via why read the Bible–day 25 of 32–God’s Guidance.

This is a really good word … I just finished reading Psalms and Proverbs … Hope you enjoy this one!


About The Ministries Which We Support

We are honored and privileged to be allowed to share with you some of the ministries which we actively support.

In each case, we either personally know the people involved and can vouch for the ministry, or we feel led by the Spirit to lend our support in any way we can.

First, we support our local church and its ministries, with tithes and offerings. And, yes, this includes all profits earned from our website business, etc. We won’t talk about it in any detail, but we know it is a question our visitors and customers may ask. We feel the same way: We support those who give-of themselves, and their resources.  We both already know that we don’t really have anything, anyway: It is already God’s. This includes our lives, our business, our finances, our resources … all we have is because God has blessed us to have … in order to give.

Please know this: We know that true ministry relies on the giving of others.

We are not involved-in any way-in the donation or collection process of any of the ministries which we will feature on this blog. If you are led to give to any of these ministries, in any way, it is the individual ministry you must contact. Again, we are using our resources only to make you aware of a particular ministry, and providing the contact information. Again, we don’t, and won’t, accept contributions or donations on a particular ministry’s behalf.  

These are not listed in some sort of order of importance, or to imply that one is in any way to be viewed over another. We will be adding to these as we go along.

Please … pray for these ministries, and for us.

Blessings to you, and your family,

Ted and Carol

Ted and Carol Pacheco

Freedom Unlimited Resources, LLC


Guest Post: “How to keep the pastor you love”

Rubietta – How to keep the pastor you love.