From Richard.Vincent.Rose.: The Story Behind “Why, Pastor, Why”

“WHY, PASTOR, WHY™” is a poem specifically purposed to uplift and encourage Pastors.

While it is written to show love and appreciation, it also answers the basic question every Pastor must address- both in times of joy and in those moments of despair and discouragement: “Why has God chosen me for this office?”
Many times, I have heard the startling statistics of the number of Pastors who are leaving the ministry. We as Christians can forget how we were before the Lord “called us out,” how much He has done for us, and how many lives we have affected through our faith. How much greater the burden must be for these men and women who devote their lives to the Gospel. They must “keep on keeping on!” Not just for themselves, but for the lives they touch. The call is not just for them, but for their flock.
I firmly believe that God wishes to give this message of encouragement to all pastors, and their congregations, world-wide.

It was a Sunday night in April, 1997, during the Sunday night service. From my perch inside the sound booth, I listened intently to yet another spirit-filled, power-filled message from my pastor, “Pastor Dan.”
As Pastor Dan delivered these sermons, entire congregations were constantly held in awe as the words seemed to flow from the very heart of God. Gazing down from the sound board, I heard Pastor Dan discuss the awesome grace, and mercy, of God, as the Pastor humbly shared how he did not know, nor could even understand, how God could reach down and save him from Hell, after all he had done in his life. Why, Pastor Dan confessed, he did not even deserve to carry water into the sanctuary, to even be a water boy for the church. No, Pastor Dan could not understand why God loved him so much, and then to allow him to serve as Pastor, was even further beyond his comprehension.

Later that night, after returning home, I pondered Pastor Dan’s questions about “Why?” Then, the Lord spoke to me, and told me “Why.” Jesus answered the Pastor’s questions, clearly writing them on my heart. The words came as fast as I could hastily scribble this direct revelation, on a yellow legal pad, as I sat at the dining room table.
It took me 10-15 minutes to write “Why, Pastor, Why,” as the words just flowed from my pen as fast as I could write.
I also realized, as I looked at the written words, that what God had revealed to me about my Pastor … the same statement should be made about every Pastor-yours and mine. He further revealed that His answer applied not only to Pastor Dan, but to all Pastors. Then, He directed me to reach all Pastors with this simple message.
If they truly are searching for the very heart of God, then they should also know, “Why, Pastor, Why.”

Allow me to close with this note: When I was given the poem, I didn’t even have a typewriter; I had to borrow one from a church family. I didn’t have a computer, so I had to make copies at the church.
When I wrote the poem, God made very specific promises to me about the poem. I mention this to make the point that God is faithful to His promises.
It is ok to remind God of His promises! It is not Him that will ever forget: You should remind God of His promises so that YOU won’t forget!
And, I can relate so much to Pastor Dan’s questions about “Why.” Here’s how:
How could God allow me … yes, me … to encourage and minister to Pastors?
God’s grace, and mercy, is limitless.

Blessings to you, your family, and your Pastor,

Now that you’ve read the story behind the poem, here’s another look at the art detail of “Why, Pastor, Why”

Why Pastor Why

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