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Heroes of the Faith: Sarah Hale

For 17 years, Sarah Josepha Hale wrote five sitting Presidents to advocate for a national day of Thanksgiving that all states would celebrate on the same day.
Here are a list of great stories, from a variety of sources, which you’ll enjoy reading about Sarah Hale (who, by the way, was from New Hampshire), and our first Thanksgiving Day  Proclamations:
This is an entertaining, and informative story, from “The Huffington Post:

huffingtonpost.com/rebecca price/sarah hale

Here is a brief biography of Sara Hale, from “Christianity.Net”:

Christianity.net/sarah hale

Here, from “Christian Answers.net”, is the official proclamation from Abraham Lincoln. It was this proclamation which eventually led to the establishment of our national Thanksgiving holiday.

Christian Answers: Abraham Lincoln Proclamation

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