New Year, New Resolve: Part One

Hi Friends:

If it is one thing which God has been trying to show me over the past few months, as He’s guided me through the series, “Wealth Stored for the Righteous,” it is for me to both realize-and be thankful for-the things which He has already provided for me, the things He has already given me, the things I already have now. As if Salvation and His Spirit dwelling inside of me weren’t enough, I have been blessed beyond measure in so many other ways.

I have seen God’s hand involved in so many circumstances in my life over the past months, and seen direct results from so many prayers, and so many things which I have done … acting strictly on faith, my own personal belief, that He would bless us. It is so easy to say something like “I really, really, really believed that God would come through for us, and He did.” But, that’s a true statement, and I can’t put it any other better way. And, as things go along, progress, as God continues to be faithful to His Word and His promises, it helps to build my faith even more.

I am writing this to encourage you, and all of us: Just look at things in your life which have happened over the past few months. Just think about how blessed you and I have been, in so many ways. I know … I know … there have been tough times, times of trial and struggle … times we’ve had to work long … work hard … then work more … then work harder … But, God has given us the strength, and sometimes just plain courage, to keep on. To keep on working, and to keep on believing. I always say that the best students get the toughest tests. I just told that to a student in High School today.

I’ve written so often, and will continue to do so about this: Thank God every day for what you have … or, to be more specific, what He has allowed you to have. How blessed we are. Every day. To start your day with prayer and Bible study.
Start right.
End right.
Every day, I thank God for electricity, running water, running hot water, shelter and protection through the home he has provided for us. For our vehicles, to keep them running safely. Yes, I’ve had auto repairs. I prayed that God would give us favor. He did. We re-built our home over the Summer/Early Fall months, which took great leaps of faith, every step of the way. We asked for favor in many, many areas, involving a lot of different people … and, God tied it all together, and gave us favor in every single step.

After the re-build, we had a lot of painting and other work to do … which required warm weather, as paint, mortar, etc., has to have some degree of warmth to cure or dry properly. God gave us favor … every step of the way. We had the warmest December on record (for example), and November was especially kind to us. Last year, for example, we had between 1-2 feet of snow on the ground over the Thanksgiving break … this year, we had none. I had mortar and concrete work to do … I caulked windows on Thanksgiving Day, had concrete work to do the first week of December. The warmest weather ever. I just finished the last “outside” detail the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Was wearing short sleeves in the house, and our pellet stove over the past few weeks has been kept as low as I could get it, without turning it off. I see God’s hand in everything. As long as I keep doing that … He’ll keep putting His hands in.

These are just some of many real-life examples of how God has blessed us. There are so many more. I also pray, every day, that God would give both Carol and I favor on our jobs. He has. I pray every day that God will continue to bless us financially. Whether we like the concept or not, “financial” is a big part of life. We just have to remember that money doesn’t have a lot to do with “being successful.” Remember that Joseph, for example, was a “prosperous man” while he was still a slave. Because “God was with Joseph.” That’s the reason Joseph was a successful man, and that’s the only way we can be truly successful, truly prosperous. Only if “God is with us.”

And … as I’ve written so many times … if God is with us, just like in the case with Joseph, if God is with us … those around us-even at work-will know it. And, the same is also true if you don’t have God with you: Those around us-even those we work with-will know it.

I say all this to encourage us all to just be thankful for what we already have. Remember that it is a Biblical principle that God will give us a little … to see what we’ll do … and how we act-and react-will determine the future course.

I pray that God will allow me to see others the way He sees them. That way, my compassion for others will grow. This will lead to opportunities to “show Him” to others.
I pray that God will allow me to see myself the way He sees me. That way, I’ll be able to “see what I’m doing,” and ask for His help in specific areas I need to improve in.

I pray that God will help me be the man He called me to be, in order to do the things He’s called me to do.

I’ve always said that there are things I need to do more of, and there are things I need to do less of.
I should add one thing to that: There are things I need to do none of.

I’ve discovered the lasting, “every-day in every-way” benefits of prayer and Bible study every morning. I’m also beginning to realize the same benefits if I close my day with prayer, to re-cap the day … and ask for help for the next. This, literally, works miracles.

“The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad” (Psalm 126:3). Let’s thank Him more … so that He will do more … which really means, between-the-lines-I’ll do more.

I’ve also decided that I should be more grateful to those around me who bless me. Whether it’s at School, or on the job, or where ever it may be, it seems that we spend most of our time and concern over those few who cause us trouble. So many meetings, rules, etc., are done and made to counter-act, or due to, the very few who don’t follow the rules, or cause “all the trouble.” I, jokingly say, in the course of a day, “Welcome to America … where everyone must pay for the actions of a few.” I need to let those people who do follow the rules, who do make our jobs easier, that we appreciate them. That we are grateful to them, and for them. That I do notice them, that I do know who they are, and that I am so much thankful for the way they conduct themselves, etc. We just never know how much we would bless someone else just by doing this one thing.

We are all so blessed.
In closing, allow me to repeat a couple of the closing lines from “Wealth Stored for the Righteous”-Part 14:
“What incredible treasure we have! What incredible wealth we have! What incredible riches we have! The best part? It is for now … and for eternity!
And, yes, I’ll say it: The more of this treasure you give to others … the more you receive!!!”

I pray that we, and we all, thank God every day for what He has already provided for us, what He has already given us, and to be thankful for what we already have.

I’ll continue the thought next time.

Blessings to you, and your Family,
Richard. Vincent. Rose.




“We need to look back to our past … before we look ahead to our future.”
Richard. Vincent. Rose.

Here is a great story I’ve been saving for some time now, and wish to share now. We can learn so much from our Founding Fathers, and should take every opportunity to learn about, and from, them.
Here’s one you may not know about Benjamin Franklin. In reading through this story, I found it so amazing, in light of our present times, that I had to research further.

I’m sorry, but I must be honest:
I, myself, fall victim to looking at the world around us now … and, then, when I read about what our country stood for-and against-in years past … well, I forget where prayer was so readily allowed … where the mention of God was so welcomed … Anyway … I write about success, and how often do we write that if we want to be successful, we look at what other successful people did, and just “do what they did.” I know that works individually … but, doesn’t that also work nationally? I mean … if we put God first … wouldn’t that put us first? If we put God last … or, maybe just don’t mention Him at all … Sorry, I can’t write the rest … All I need to do is just pick up the newspaper, and that tells me where our priorities are … or maybe, the proper explanation would be, “where we have gone.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to hear more about “what they did” than about “what I would do”
Ben Franklin Plaque
Yes, I’ve read a lot about Ben Franklin. And, about our Founding Fathers. How they lived. How they believed. Haven’t you? Remember, the worse we can make them look … the better we can look … the more we can justify our actions …

Anyway, I am researching Ben Franklin and his involvement with this Hospital: He said what? He did what? He wrote what? They used an example from what? This is still standing in the United States today? We can still read this? This is in public? Maybe “they” just don’t know about this, right?

So, I went to the website of the Pennsylvania Hospital, and checked other sources … I’m sorry, but I had to … I mean, I am seeing Scripture examples being used as a mission statement for a public entity … I read the cornerstone, and it mentions Christ and it asks for God’s blessing … I mean, these are still on public display today … I’m sorry, but I had to check this story out, I had to make sure this is “really real,” that in a vision statement of an institution in which its very existence is to heal, they are asking for God’s favor … I had to make sure that this is real, that this is true … and, that this is being allowed in this country ….
My research proves that this story is, indeed, correct. True. A fact.
Historical Marker
Faithful origins found in our nation’s first hospital

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was responsible for many innovative and clever developments that improved the quality of life in early America. Among them was the founding of the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia on May 11, 1751. Working with his close friend, Dr. Richard Bond, Franklin lent his support to the effort, thereby creating enough momentum for the idea of a hospital to be accepted by the skeptical public. The goal was to provide a place that would care for the sick, poor and insane who wandered the streets of Philadelphia.

Writing about the founding of the hospital, Ben Franklin recognized the manner in which God raised up physicians who were called to the task of medical care in this hospital and acknowledged their reliance on God’s help to bless the mission of the hospital:

“It would be a neglect of that justice which is due to the physicians and surgeons of this hospital, not to acknowledge that their care and skill, and their punctual and regular attendance, under the Divine Blessing, has been a principal means of advancing this charity to the flourishing state in which we have now the pleasure to view it. Relying on the continuance of the Favour of Heaven, upon the future endeavors of all who may be concerned in the management of the institution, for its further advancement, we close this account with the abstract of a sermon, preached before the Governors…”

A further reliance on God and His Word was evidenced in Franklin and Bond’s choice to model their mission after the story of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10. They placed these words from the Scriptures on the official seal of the hospital, “Take Care of Him and I Will Repay Thee.” The development of the hospital brought about a new attitude of Christian compassion and social responsibility to colonial life.
Hospital Seal
From “The History of Pennsylvania Hospital” website, including the first part of their Timeline:

The hospital has over 29,000 inpatient admissions and 115,000 outpatient visits each year, including over 5,200 births.
Pennsylvania Hospital is part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System and is located at 8th and Spruce Streets in the historic Society Hill district of Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania Hospital
Since its founding in 1751 by Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Thomas Bond, Pennsylvania Hospital has been an innovator in patient care, treatment techniques and medical research. In the years since its founding, Pennsylvania Hospital has provided the setting for many “firsts” of our nation, as well as many other noteworthy medical, historical and cultural milestones.
On May 11, 1751, a charter is granted by the Pennsylvania legislature to establish a hospital to care for the sick-poor and insane who wander the streets of Philadelphia. The story of the Good Samaritan is chosen by Franklin and Bond as the official seal, and “Take Care of Him and I will repay Thee” ushers in a new attitude of social responsibility.

The original cornerstone, with its text drafted by Benjamin Franklin, can still be viewed. It is located at the southeast corner of the East wing of the Pine Building under a Plexiglas cover. The text reads:

In the year of Christ
George the second happily reigning
(for he sought the happiness of his people)
Philadelphia flourishing
(for its inhabitants were publick spirited)
this building
by the bounty of the government,
and of many private persons,
was piously founded
for the relief of the sick and miserable;
may the God of mercies
bless this undertaking.



E-Mail Classic: “Perspectives”

First read this from the top down and then read it from the bottom  up! This is really neat!


Today was the absolute worst day ever.

And don’t try to convince me that

There is something good in every day.

Because, when you take a closer look

This world can be a pretty evil place.

Even if

Some goodness does shine through once in a while

Satisfaction and happiness don’t last.

And it’s not true that

It’s all in the mind and heart.


True happiness can be obtained

Only if one’s surroundings are good.

It’s not true that good exists

I’m sure you can agree that

The Reality


My Attitude

It’s all beyond my control.

And you will never in a million years hear me say that

Today was a good day.

Now read it from the bottom up.



More Math: “Intelligent Design”

Recently, we posted a video called “The Love of God: Do the Math!”
Here’s another video for you to enjoy, using the the Math equation of 1.68 Phi, showing there can be no doubt that, behind all creation, is, literally, “Intelligent Design.”

Enjoy the images and the message, and please note the link at the end of the video:

Here’s a direct link to the “Do the Math!” video:
The Love of God: Do the Math!”



From “Modern Day PSALMS”: The Eagle Still Flies

The Eagle Still Flies

The fabric of America is woven with the threads of time and patriotism. The fabric can be torn, or burned. But, the pattern that this cloth is made from is courage.”
Originally written on the back of a Wal-Mart Receipt

To fully appreciate the poem, we must go back to the days and months immediately following the events of September 11, 2001. “The Eagle Still Flies” captures the mindset of what Americans, and our friends all over the word, had at that exact moment in time.

Today, I teach students who weren’t even born in 2001. Just as we did in school, as we learned about Pearl Harbor and World War II, events which happened before we were born. What stood out then, and now, is the patriotism which these tragic events would birth across the United States, and the world. As a fan of “Old Time Radio,” I have radio programs from that era which, frankly, would not even be allowed to be broadcast on the airwaves today.

America was attacked. By an enemy who wished to destroy us, and especially, our way of life.
What the enemy did not realize, just as in World War II, was that what was called “a sleeping giant” in the 1940’s, may have been sleeping, but it was still very much alive.

As I write this, we are still at war. Daniel Webster said that “God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.” It simply can’t be overstated that freedom is not free, nor ever has been. One of my favorite quotes regarding military service is this: “If you don’t stand behind our troops, you are welcome to stand in front of them.”

Years ago, I had the distinct privilege of being elected to be the first vice-president of a regional writers club. The members consisted of individuals who had lived in all parts of the world. At least one of the members did not have a particularly positive view of the United States. After I had shared what was then a newly written “The Eagle Still Flies,” he offered a rebuttal of sorts, and called me a “Patriot.” His tone carried the same negative tone of what it must have sounded like when people began to call the early Disciples of Christ a “Christian.” Well, I am today, as I was that day, proud to carry the banner of “Patriot,” and be associated with others who have carried that same banner. Just as I am proud to carry the banner of Christ, and be associated with those who have, and still, carry His banner.

Original Spoken Introduction to “The Eagle Still Flies”

I’d like to share with you the original introduction, which I would dramatically read before the poem. Keep in mind that this was first presented while the memories of the terrorist attacks on our country were still fresh in our minds. This is the original copy transcript:

2 Corinthians 3:17 says that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
When I see the word, “liberty” or “freedom” I see Jesus’ name written all over it.
Thomas Paine said, in 1776, that “The cause of America is, in a great measure, the cause of all mankind.”

On September 11, 2001, evil called …
Interesting … 911 …
And, an entire nation answered.

We went from a nation known for rock ‘n roll
To take pride in Plymouth Rock, and “Let’s roll!”

We went from a place know as “Ground Zero”
To a place known as “Ground Hero.”

Let the word go forth
Through time and space
The United States of America is the center of peace and strength
Tranquility base is here
The eagle has landed
And the eagle still flies
Under star spangled skies

And, now …
A new patriotic poem for America …
“The Eagle Still Flies (Under Star Spangled Skies) …”

The Eagle Still Flies
A New Anthem for America

The sun came up this morning
Over a land still brave and free
Its borders still strong and standing
Against all tyranny

It seems just yesterday, I remember so well
As the morning dew slept on the towers that fell
The skies were so clear, the sunlight so bright
But evil’s conscience couldn’t sleep
And was awake through the night

Everyone can recall when they first heard the news
No one was sure how much more we would lose
Then, through the ashes, the smoke, and the flame
We realized this country would never be the same

The towers left standing
Are the towers within
The twin towers of liberty and freedom, my friend
Perched on top of these towers, the eagle will rise
To bring peace and justice to the world’s crying eyes

And the eagle still flies
Under star-spangled skies
And we still trust in God
But we won’t spare the rod
And we still say the pledge
Faith and courage
Give us the edge
And the eagle will soar
‘Cause we’re free evermore
From the hills to the shore
Yes! We’re free evermore

The eagle still flies under star-spangled skies
And our hope never dies
‘Cause the eagle still flies
Nations will rise
Buildings will fall
But there’s still one nation standing
That will answer the call
And we won’t run and hide
In our flag we still take pride
‘Cause freedom will win
Liberty we’ll defend

Through the smoke, through the fire
The wings of justice fly higher
Over canyon and tundra and treetops and sand
The fires of freedom’s victory have been fanned

From the streets on our soil
To lands across the sea
On freedom’s wings we will ride
For the whole world to see
The strength, the power, of liberty

And the eagle still flies
Under star spangled skies
And we still trust in God
But we won’t spare the rod
And we still say the pledge
Faith and courage give us the edge

And the eagle will soar
‘Cause we’re free evermore
From the hills to the shore
Yes! We’re free evermore

The eagle still flies
Under star spangled skies
And our hope never dies
‘Cause the eagle still flies
Richard. Vincent. Rose.

Modern Day Psalms: Available at all online book retailers!


9/11: 14 Years Later and “The Eagle Still Flies”

Our High School Library features a large-screen television, so today, September 11, I set the channel to a news channel, in
order for students to see today’s coverage of the “9/11” observances held around the country … And, for these young people to “see what we saw” and experienced 14 years ago … An opportunity to see recorded history of the most significant event
in many of our lives …

The Library is a busy place, and I couldn’t watch much TV, but I did see clips from around the United States from today’s
observances …

As I write this now, I am thinking that, not once, did I see a news clip of a recording that was actually made on that day
of days, that Tuesday, 14 years ago … When we all remember where we were, what we were doing, “when we first heard the
news.” Since I don’t usually watch network news, there may have been clips from that day on other channels, or maybe
tonight, as the networks look back.

However, I was able to witness reactions from those in the Library, throughout the day, who shared their rememberances of
that day with students, and with me. One teacher tried to explain what happened on that day to a student who was only 2
years old at the time … The emotion in her voice … as she looked at me … and, then looked away … is something I just
can’t get out of my mind. It was the emotion of that day … the emotions of that day that we all felt … the emotion, what
we felt, that, even as I write this now, and remember her description, just hours ago, of how everyone turned on the TV
after the first Tower was hit … and then … on live television … the second Tower … As she explained to a young man,
only 2 years old at the time, about the emotions that day, what she felt, what we all felt … well, I had to turn away,

It’s been a long time since my writing brought tears to my own eyes … but, now, writing this, thinking about this lady,
explaining to someone who really “wasn’t there,” how we felt on that day … well … Now, I have to get up and walk around
a bit …

Today, as I watched news reports of the observances, I did see many quotes from that day, and the days immediately
thereafter. One of the quotes referred to the events of Pearl Harbor, in comparision. As I stood by, listening to this
Teacher explaining the emotions of September 11, 2001, for reasons I can’t explain, I mentioned Pearl Harbor, because I knew
that this student must have known about “that day.” So often, I’ve spoken of the great surge of patriotism which struck
America after 9/11, which I have, myself, often compared to the national patriotism shown immediately after Pearl Harbor. He
knew about Pearl Harbor. So, I went there … explaining that the morning after Pearl Harbor, there were lines outside of
the Military recruiting stations, stretching for blocks … This lady told of her own family, all of the brothers, in line,
waiting for the opportunity to “sign up” to join in the fight. Only the Father, there in line with his sons and many other
relatives, was not allowed to join.

Today, and I am sorry I had forgotten about this, but, in the Library, today, I heard about “The Sullivan Brothers” of World II. This was done in front of a crowd, so, as a result of today’s news coverage, we learned their story, and I’ll share this
now, from
“The story of the Sullivan brothers is one of patriotism and tragedy. Albert, Francis, George, Joseph, and Madison Sullivan
of Waterloo, Iowa enlisted together in the Navy on January 3rd, 1942. The brothers insisted on serving on the same ship, and
were assigned to the light cruiser U.S.S. Juneau. On the way to Guadalcanal the Juneau and several other ships were attacked
(known as the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal). Japanese torpedoes hit the Juneau hit multiple times, eventually sinking her on
November 13th, 1942. Survivors of the Juneau say that four of the brothers died immediately with the first torpedo hit,
while the fifth brother, George, died five days later from his wounds, exposure, exhaustion, and possibly a shark attack.”

Today, in the Library, a young man walked up to the Circulation Desk, and, pointing to the television, explained to me that
the news was about 9/11 … He lived in an apartment building … right across from the World Trade Center … He would have
been much too young to remember much, but, I must have seen that same apartment building in my visit to Ground Zero …

I heard another story today, in the Library. A Teacher, telling of the events-and especially the emotions, what we were all
feeling that day-told of a couple, whose son was graduating from the Military (I won’t mention the location) in South
Carolina. Set to gratuate from the Military on September 11. I just happen to personally know this couple, so the events
that follow I can actually visualize. They, from here in Northern New Hampshire, drove to Manchester, to catch their flight
to South Carolina. This was September 11, 2001. When they arrived at the airport, they were informed that all flights had
been cancelled, as all air traffic was ordered down. Remember that? Remember the emotions? This couple, and I know very well
the father, was not going to miss their son’s graduation. They drove back home … got the truck … and, loaded up all the
survival gear and supplies (I’ll leave it there) they could pack … and, headed to South Carolina. The description of how
the Military base, how it was so surrounded by tanks, etc., etc., was, just the day before, unimagianable.

Living in Connecticut at the time, I knew many people who “had people” in the Towers on that day. In my book, Modern Day  Psalms, I write about the events of that day, how the jets from Boston may have even flown over our home, and my feelings as
I drove home, my van covered in American flags, a proud member of the Presidential Prayer Team (a charter member), and how I
kept exclaiming, “We’re at war!” “We’re at war!” as I drove down Highway 84.

I remember President Bush addressing the nation … as his voice was nearly drowned out by the sound of military aircraft
circling … Remember that?

After writing “The Eagle Still Flies” as “A New Anthem for America,” I have been comforted and encourgaged by letters I’ve
received from many, including President Bush, the Mayor of New York, and so many others.

Today, I was proud, and touched, by a fellow teacher, who, after the Pledge of Allegiance (Yes! We stand and say the Pledge
of Allegiance at our High School!), gave an essay on why this day is important … whether we “were there” or not …

I can’t explain this, but I am, now, reminded of a story from the life of President Reagan, and I remember hearing this from
him, personally. After the assination attempt (remember that?), as he was being wheeled in to surgury, and, meeting the
operating surgeon, President Reagan looked up at him and said, “I hope you’re Republican.” The doctor’s response was this:
“Today, Mr. President, we are all Republican.”

I remember the emotions of September 11, 2001. I remember how I felt. I remember how we felt.
On that day … we were all “Americans.”

I had intended to only share with you my “New Anthem for America-The Eagle Still Flies.”
I wrote this, this day, September 11, 2015.

I’ll share the Anthem, and it’s introduction next time.

Blessings to you, and your family,
Richard. Vincent. Rose.




Video: The Love of God: Do the Math!

Hard work.

Yet, how does this compare to God’s love for us?
We write much about success, and about how much
of it depends upon our realization of what God has already given us, what we already have, which makes us successful.

Now, here’s a great video … sent to me by a High School Principal … which “measures” hard work, knowledge, and attitude …
vs. The Love of God …

He wrote me “this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time …”

Please stay with it … to see how the numbers stack up …



Always Be Grateful for What you Have: “My Shoes”

We are in the middle of a series entitled, “Wealth Stored for the Righteous.” A lot of what we have learned is about how important it is to just be thankful for what we already have … to be grateful for the things that God has already blessed us with … to spend more time looking at what we already have, than looking at what others may have …

Then … I came across this video … which in a quiet, but most powerful, powerful way, brings that point home. A little boy, grieving over the condition of his shoes … sees another little boy with brand new shoes … and wishes “He could be like him.”

Please view the video … and, always, always be grateful for what you have right now …
The video is entitled, “My Shoes,” and please view the credits at the end:


Wealth Stored for the Righteous-Part 4

We continue the series meant to encourage you to hang in there, to keep the faith … during those times when “others” are getting blessed … and, it seems you are not …

I hope that a common thread, woven throughout, is that we should, first and foremost, be thankful for what we already have. To realize what we, right now, have, because of our relationship with God through Jesus. And, it goes much deeper than the fact that if we are living in the United States (or any country considered to be “prosperous”), we are already better off than a large percentage of people around the world.

We must say again, confirmed through the headlines we see every day, that money can’t buy happiness, it can’t buy joy, it can’t buy peace, it can’t buy contentment, it can’t buy trust, it can’t, on its own, give us a purpose for our lives, and the list goes on and on. We have been taught that money means success. That having money or wealth means we are “prosperous.” I think true success doesn’t have anything to do with money … we must possess the qualities which make us “successful” or “prosperous” before we ever realize the financial end of the picture. It is the qualities we possess beforehand which will ensure our “success” once the “money” begins to arrive. Otherwise … the old, old saying proves why it is an old saying: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

Somewhere in here we should mention the Scriptural principle about God giving us a little … to see how we handle it … before He gives us a lot …

Allow me to share this true story:
A few years ago, I had applied for a particular job/position which would have meant a significant change in many areas … all of them “good” … It was an important position, and required additional college courses, specific state certification, “the works.” I had done all of the work, made all of the personal sacrifices to become qualified for the position … but, it was a job/position I had never held before … The position was such that there were many individuals who, on the surface, mainly relating to experience, were far more qualified than I. And, as a result, were certainly in a much better position to apply for such a job. Which, they had done.
What chance did I have?

The fact that I had applied for this position was “common knowledge,” so I would be asked about “how it was going” along the way. Please understand that it is how you handle your attitude/inner emotions during this “waiting period” (there’s that phrase again) that will feed your faith-or your discouragement … Remember that “It is what you do, while you are waiting, which will determine the results of your waiting.” Also please note this: Everyone you work with, everyone who knows you … and, yes, everyone who “knows about you” … even if it’s something they’ve only “heard” … will, at the least, at least feel confident that they know about your attitude … your attitude about yourself … and, most importantly, your attitude toward others … how you handle yourself, and others … day-by-day …

So, anyway, I was approached by someone I worked with, who had been with this particular company/entity for several years, and I had gotten to know her pretty well. So, she felt comfortable with asking me about “how it’s going” as far as the “new job” journey was going. By the way, any promotion is a journey … sometimes a long journey … there’s that “how I act while I’m waiting” again … It seemed clear to me that she was asking just to “feel me out,” and that she didn’t really think that I had a chance to get the job … I’m not being negative, but boy was she trying to get me to be negative right then! Let’s bring in again the fact of how important a personal relationship with Jesus is, that you know Him, and He knows you. That your whole day, from beginning to end, should be a constant “conversation of sorts” with Him, as you go along from event to event. That way, you’re always talking with Him, so it’s no big deal when you just mutter the word “Help!” in the middle of something. I know He’s always there … but .., it seems so much better when I don’t leave Him …

So, back to the story: This person was really asking me what I thought qualified me for the position, in light of so many other people who had applied. Here’s what God gave me to say:
“Abraham Lincoln is considered, by many, to be the greatest President who ever lived. But, when Abraham Lincoln became President of the United States, he had never been President before. It was the qualities he had, the qualities he already possessed before he became President, which enabled him to be a great President.”
It just came out … and, the fact that I was speaking to a history teacher never entered into my mind …

That’s the point: The qualities you already possess qualify you for the job, and ensure that you’ll be able to do the job. I hope this helps. I know so many people who are “out looking” right now, and I felt led to share this story. It is what you already have, as a child of God, which should pave the way for your future. Time? Of course, God will provide you with ample “training opportunities” for the job He wants you to have for the future. Remember, what you are going through right now is a training ground for where He wants you to “end up.” So, don’t get discouraged! Remember, yes, “It is what you do, while you are waiting, which will determine the results of your waiting.”

Read the story of Joseph, from Genesis.
Read the story of Joseph, from Genesis.
Read the story of Joseph, from Genesis.


Outside of the story of Jesus, and I love the story of Paul, my favorite story in all the Bible is the story of Joseph, and it is the one story that has meant the most, personally, to me. A constant theme of my writing is that “The thing I thought was the worst thing to ever happen to me turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

So much of that has to do with what you do “while you are waiting.”

Please read the story of Joseph from Genesis. Here’s just a couple of verses that go with this lesson. That people are always looking. Always noticing what you do. What you say. Whether they are a believer or not … they will know if you are … or, if you are not. If God is with you, they will know. This includes times of great gladness or great sorrow … they will know.
Here’s a glimpse from Genesis 39:2-3:
“And the Lord was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous (successful) man … And his master saw that the Lord was with him, and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand” (Genesis 39:2-3).

By the way, “his master” means that Joseph’s boss, his employer, also knew that God was with Joseph. Oh No!!!! Oh No!!! Oh No!!! Does this mean that I have to tell my boss that I’m a Christian? Let me put it this way: If you are, or if you’re not … your boss will already know. And, so will those you come in contact with every day. Especially those people you work with. And, especially those people you work the most closely with.

By the way … Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers, was in prison when this was written, after being wrongly accused of a crime by his bosses’ wife …

Please read the story of Joseph, from Genesis.

Richard. Vincent. Rose.


Some “Best Books” and Special Video: “Best Friends”

Recently, we featured a story and video about Jane Goodall, and I was pleasantly surprised at the response we got … As a Teacher/Librarian, we know how much children love stories which include animals, but, let’s face it: So do we grownups!

I was recently looking for a video to pair with my reading one of the great “Children’s” stories written by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, a Vermont writer (who lives on a farm which has been in her family for generations) who writes such great stories about her family’s past … in an effort to encourage young and old alike to discover their own family histories …
The book I was sharing was “The Bear Who Heard Crying,” a true story, and I think, one of the greatest tales ever told … Here’s Natalie’s description from her website: “which is an amazing story of my great-great-great-great-great-aunt who was lost in the woods in 1783, when she was three years old, and a bear that took care of her.”
The story actually happened here in New Hampshire. If you get a chance, I can’t recommend a story more (or her stories like “When Spring Comes” or “The Canada Geese Quilt,” among a long list) … Here’s a link to Natalie Kinsey-Warnock’s own website:

So, to go with this story, and in keeping with a year-long theme we’ve had with books shared with our students all year, “Friends,” I found this video … About a man whose best friend, Brutus, is a Grizzly Bear … I hope you find this as remarkable as we did …