Commercial Salute: Our Freedom and “The Empty Chair”

A friend, who is also Retired Military, sent me this video of a commercial presented by the Guinness Brewing Company. 

So many things to be thankful for … not just this week, not just for one day … but, for every day. To be thankful for our freedom, is to be thankful for, and to, our veterans. And, to those on active duty across the globe today. They don’t choose where or why they are sent … they just choose … beforehand … to go …

It seems so appropriate that the nationally recognized day of Thanksgiving comes during the same month of the nationally recognized day to honor and salute our Veterans. Thanks to our men and women who have served, and serve today, think of the freedoms we enjoy, and, please, never stop thinking about it, and the ones who make it possible to continue.

“God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.”
Daniel Webster
“No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.”
General Douglas MacArthur

I checked on the background of this commercial, and discovered it first aired for the July 4th holiday … However, I had never seen it, so it was brand new to me … and, perhaps, for some of you. Even so, I’ve watched it many times, and I still “feel” it. One of our principles is that, if something touches and moves me, it would touch and move someone else. This commercial is a great example.
Don’t worry … I really did have to think about sharing this one, based upon the source. But, I considered who and why it was sent to me … and most importantly … I considered what was being advertised here: Patriotism.
I don’t think we can thank our military, both active and retired, enough.

Perhaps the music used is familiar to you. In checking the story of the commercial, there were certain people who were angry with the choice.

As I stood in class this morning, at attention, listening (and following along) as a Second-Grader recited the Pledge of Allegiance, I admit I was thinking about this commercial and what it represented … and, as I always do … at the “under God” part, I added, “Thank you, Jesus.” So, I’m not offended by the choice of music in the commercial … I must say, in an add way, to be honest, I’m glad I recognized it. That was something else I am grateful for.

The title, “The Empty Chair,” is also the title of one of the most touching, and haunting, and heart-wrenching songs to come out of the Civil War.
I’ll try to find a performance, and the words, for you.

Please enjoy this salute to those we honor, this week, and every week:

Richard. Vincent. Rose.
Founder, President, and CEO
Freedom Unlimited Resources