Special Video Testimony: The Power and Opportunity of Resources

Here is a powerful, compelling video testimony produced by “The JESUS Film Project.”
Here is Cheeia, telling her story, of how she accepted Jesus as her Savior, and the way this decision has changed her life, and the lives of many others. It reminds us again how important that just being friendly to others can be … how important it is to read your Bible every day … and to share the gospel message with others … to not be afraid to share what you have with your family … at her family reunion, 37 family members accepted Christ … and, so far, over 60 members of her family have become Christians …

This also makes me realize how powerful-and important-the resources we have now, which we didn’t have even 20 years ago, can be in sharing the gospel, and reaching the world. And, it is the world which we can reach, with all these resources … available in so many different languages …

I remember how important it was to us, when, years ago, a missionary or guest speaker would visit our church, and how thrilled we were that the Bible was “now available” in so many different languages! How important that was! And, how about those radio broadcasts being “beamed” into those countries … Now … it’s not just printed media that is available … but CD, DVD, MP3 downloads, apps for your hand-held device … all capable of bringing the gospel message into lands and peoples not even accessible to missionaries!

That should be thrilling, but for some reason … the thought of a movie telling the gospel message … well, it seems we don’t feel exactly the same way about that sometimes … but, how powerful the message is … “portrayed” and explained in the listeners’ own language … I think that’s a great idea, and there is always a “live” Christian speaker when these films are shown to an audience. I think about how I’ve let a friend or someone at work borrow a “gospel” video, and I’ve seen how the message of the video or DVD has affected them … even without me being there to “hammer home” the message … I think the gospel message is powerful enough to get the point across in any medium … after all, it’s not our power that “hits” them, is it?  

Enjoy this remarkable story from a young college student, who realized the power-and opportunities she received … when she received Christ …

Here’s the link to The Jesus Film Project