It Begins: The Writings of Richard.Vincent.Rose.: “Why, Pastor, Why”

We are beginning what will become a regular feature of our Blog, featuring the writings of Richard.Vincent.Rose.
As time goes by, we’ll also reveal the stories of how each individual poem or story came into being, “the story behind the story.”

Of course, we must begin with “Why, Pastor, Why,” which was the foundation of our Pastor Appreciation Gifts online store, and, most certainly, this blog which followed.
The best way to describe “Why, Pastor, Why” may be to quote from the “Why, Pastor, Why” page on the website:

“We understand the deep love, admiration, respect, and appreciation you have for your Pastor.
How do you put into words, your appreciation for someone who has given, and sacrificed so much?
In a way which can’t be explained, only felt, the Pastor poem WHY, PASTOR, WHY™ reaches the depths of your emotion-and your Pastor’s-to put these very emotions into words. This is why we feel that this is the definitive Pastor appreciation poem. It speaks to why your Pastor was chosen, and why your Pastor means so much to you.
WHY, PASTOR, WHY™ matches our commitment to honor, uplift, edify, and encourage Pastors to continue their life’s work and calling.
One of our most touching moments came from a Pastor’s wife, after her husband had received one of our Pastor appreciation gifts which contained the words of WHY, PASTOR, WHY™. She made a special point to contact us to let us know how much the words of the poem meant to her. She told us, “If you ever doubt your call, take a look upon the wall.'”


As I see you standing there behind the pulpit
Reading from God’s Word
I think back to all those wonderful, blessed sermons
From you that I’ve heard
No-There’s no secret why God brought you out
Oh! The many times your joy has made me shout!!!
You see, Pastor, there was a reason that God saved your soul
Because He knew that serving Him with all your heart
Would be your life’s goal
You see, Pastor, there was a reason that it was you
That God chose
Not your good looks, perfect hair, and stylish clothes
No, Pastor-the reason that God reached down
His hand and saved you
Let there be no doubt!
The reason God chose you
Is because He knew
How you would turn out!
The reason, Pastor, that you mean so much to me
Is that when I look at you
It’s Jesus that I see
For in your footsteps I so gratefully trod
Because I know that in following you
I am following God

Here’s an advance look at the poem with
our original “Art Print” design:

Why, Pastor, Why Art Print Design

WHY, PASTOR, WHY™  exclusively available from
Pastor Appreciation Gifts




To edify, uplift, encourage, and inspire. Part of the online ministry of, and featuring the writing of author Richard. Vincent. Rose.

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